Code of ethics

Respect for our profession, the customer, the tree and the practice is non-negotiable. All our activities aim to stimulate the healthy development and health of your trees.

In order to offer a healthy arboreal heritage, the Arboriste team adheres to the Arboriculturist's code of ethics defined by the SIAQ (Société Internationale d’Arboriculture-Québec):

  • Strive, through continuous personal development, to upgrade qualifications and competency in order that they remain on the cutting edge of technological and scientific developments of their profession;
  • Avoid exaggeration or omission of costs concerning technical information, products or services if the result could be misleading or misrepresentative;
  • In the context of professional activities, consider with utmost priority, the health and safety of all people, and strive to respect the property of others as well as the environment;
  • Establish, with precision and impartiality, their capacity, qualifications and experience, including those of their employees or representatives;
  • Subscribe to business practices that are fair and honest in trading with clients, suppliers, employees and other professionals;
  • Support the improvement of professional services and products by encouraging research and development;
  • Comply with standards and promote adherence to this Code of Ethics.