Tree Pruning

Pruning is the notion of soft pruning. It is the most exploited service in our daily arborist. Pruning is governed by certain rules designed to avoid causing premature dieback of the tree by too heavy interventions.

Let's not forget that the life of a tree does not follow the same time scale as ours. It is therefore essential, when one decides to maintain a tree, to think and act in the long term. It is therefore advisable to contact tree professionals trained for this purpose.

Maintenance cut

Pruning may be feasible for maintenance purposes; remove bristles too close to a building, reduce shading on a property, remove dead wood and dying branches.

Pruning in urban areas is highly recommended as much for safety reasons than for restricting, maintaining or directing the growth of a tree. It is advisable to do maintenance sizes when the tree is young.

Restructuring cut

The restructuring cut is used to restore trees damaged by external events or trees that have undergone inappropriate management. On the other hand, if the tree is in a state of decline that is too advanced, we highly recommend felling.

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