Tree felling

The dismantling of a tree is possible when it has become too big or for landscaping reasons. In other cases, slaughter must be carried out for reasons of safety; due to a decline in health or damage caused by weather, a tree can create a potential hazard for the property and its occupants.

Whether it's cutting off risky branches or complete felling, our arborists assess the health and potential risks of any tree. The disposition of the trees to be felled, their structure and the environment of the site determine the recommended method of work. The layout of the trees to be felled, their structure and the environment of the site will determine the recommended work method.

It is illusory to think that you are safe from all the dangers when you cut down trees, which is why it is important to do business with professionals.

Directional tree felling by foot

This technique is used if the floor space is large enough. It consists in making a notch of direction then to make fall the tree in the direction envisaged.

Tree felling by dismantling with retention

Dismantling is used if there are space constraints around the tree in question. The techniques then used are specific to arborist climbers. It consists of climbing the tree and cutting the branches into different lengths, possibly by holding them with a rope (retention of branches).

Dismantling with carrycot

When the trees are in severe dieback, they endanger the safety of workers and surrounding infrastructure. In this case, the use of a nacelle will be prioritized.

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