What is trimming?

In arborists, trimming is a technique used to trim the young shoots of a tree from dormant buds. The terms pruning and trimming are sometimes used indiscriminately in everyday language. However, these are indeed two distinct techniques, requiring their own equipment and whose use varies according to the seasons.

Trimming, a prevention technique

By targeting dead branches and twigs, trimming helps to maintain the tree's health and promote its growth. By removing superfluous branches, those that were masked receive more light. This technique can also be used to make the tree more aesthetic. The trimmed wood can then be used for firewood, for example.

Trimming requires special expertise and tools that only a certified arborist can master without compromising the integrity of the tree, your property or your home. The ideal time to use the services of arborists trimming is early spring, when the new shoots of the branches have not yet fully grown.

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